Doctor Consultation

The first step in your fertility journey with Fertifa.

Your consultation will be with our Medical Director

Dr. Gedis Grudzinskas

One of the pioneers of fertility care across Europe, he has spent over 30 years advising and caring for patients undergoing fertility treatment.

Formerly, Professor of Ob-Gyn (1983 – 2003) at St Bartholomew’s & Royal London Hospitals, he has clinical expertise in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery as well as IVF.

Associations include the Boston Place, HCA, London Bridge Hospital, RBMO and St. George’s Hospital.

He has written over 270 scientific publications and books and provides a comprehensive range of personalised fertility care including IVF, genetic testing, the use of donor eggs and sperm, as well as fertility preservation.

The Consultation

Your consultation will last one hour and will be held via video call or, if preferred, at one of our consulting rooms at Harley Street, London.

Prior to your consultation, Dr Grudzinskas will go through any previous notes, diagnostic results (semen analysis or blood test) and understand more about your medical history. It is important that the required paperwork is filled in prior to your discussion with him.

What happens?

The consultation will be a two-way conversation and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

The consultation will cover the following:

  • What you wish to achieve and your goals
  • Discussion around your journey to date including previous fertility treatment and diagnostic tests
  • A review of the health history of you, your partner (if applicable) and your family
  • Information around potential treatment options (if applicable), including information on the process and success rates
  • Any questions that you may have

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