COVID-19: A message of unity for all fertility patients

With the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) stopping all fertility treatment across the UK, we’ve heard from countless patients that have been affected as their dreams to be biological parents have been put on hold.  In fact, some of our own team are affected in the same way too, so we can appreciate the frustration you are feeling.

During this unprecedented time, our message to you as our patients is one of unity – we are all going through this together and Fertifa are beside you every step of the way.

Fertifa can provide a listening ear…

It’s simple, but firing off a quick message to one of our advisors is a great first step.  We know it can be difficult for all individuals to share infertility burdens with friends or family so let us lend an ear instead. You never know, it may be helpful to have an independent and impartial perspective on things and we may be able to offer advice on the intermediary steps you can take whilst you’re waiting for more information from clinics.

We also understand that some of you may have succumbed to the lack of control we all have at the moment and you may instead be focusing on yourselves.  If this is the case, you may be interested to know that we’re also partnered with Fertile Life to provide fertility coaching to our patients. Whilst we know it may be incredibly difficult to escape your thoughts, there are some great tips that our partners can provide – from meditation to emotional freedom technique (EFT), to nutritional therapy and hypnotherapy.

Check out the broader fertility community…

You may consider leveraging off the wider fertility network outside of Fertifa. 

Fertility Network UK are a national charity who, in addition to their usual support groups, are organising various online events during the lockdown, such as fertility yoga.

Put some headphones on and have a listen to The Fertility Podcast.  Every Monday, they release a new podcast including interviews with leading fertility experts and those sharing their personal fertility experiences. It’s an educational listen and covers a range of topics.

Mumsnet has always been held in high regard for being one of the most active communities for women, irrespective of whether you’re a parent or otherwise. They have an Infertility Forum where there’s plenty of communal support from those that are experiencing exactly what you may be going through.

Keep calm and carry on checking Fertifa’s site

Our ultimate aim is to ease your mind, reduce stress (where we can) and encourage a better success rate for you once clinics re-open across the UK.

This is obviously a hot topic in the media at present, but the government understands how difficult it is for fertility patients in particular. We share this empathy and are continuously looking out for any new guidance from the HFEA as to when your treatments can resume.

Just remember – we are here for you and we will get through this together!


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