At-home diagnostic testing kits

Get to know your fertility health - all from the comfort and privacy of your home

Fertility tests can be powerful indicators.

We work with leading, innovative laboratories across Europe to provide quality, modern home testing kits.

For Women

We’ve partnered with The Doctors Laboratory to offer at home hormone testing kits. 

We’ll get the kits delivered to their door. The test is a quick finger prick, and the sample is collected in a micro tube. 

There’s a free post envelope included to send the sample directly to the lab, and Fertifa will be in touch for a free mini-consultation within 72 hours.

Order through your fertility advisor at a discounted price.

For Men

We’ve partnered with ExSeed Health to offer at home sperm testing kits.

We’ll get the kits delivered to their door – each able to process 5 sperm samples for repeat testing.

The best bit? You’ll be able to provide a sample from the privacy and comfort of their home. Results are immediate – all through the magic of the ExSeed Health smartphone app.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more – we can offer discounts compared to ExSeed Health’s list price.

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