Concierge & fertility treatment

Access to modern care, advice and support

Our concierge service allows your company to support the reproductive health of every employee through part – or fully – funding your employees’ care and treatment.

We support with the improvement of wellbeing and maximise the chances of success.

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In a nutshell...

Through our concierge services, we support every employees' fertility journey and provide access to treatment with our partner clinics and wellbeing providers.

We enable you to part- or fully-fund their care and treatment.

What's included?

Private Medical Insurance provides very restricted access to fertility care, which can be inflexible and expensive.

Other fertility benefit companies are simply a broker between employers and a fragmented system. This makes it difficult to provide the right care and support for your employees.

An accessible support team

Our fertility advisors are advocates for your employees. They are on hand to provide support and guidance for any fertility related questions - 7 days a week

A great employee experience

Modern solutions, health assessments and treatments designed to empower patients to take control of their fertility

A range of wellbeing providers

We offer a range of holistic solutions designed to maximise employee wellbeing - including fertility coaching, counselling, reflexology, acupuncture and nutritional therapy

Clinical governance

All partner clinics are licensed by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA). All have an inspection rating of 5/5

Geographical coverage

We service employees across the UK and are able to support in referring employees to a clinic best suited to them

Tailored funding solutions

We acknowledge every company has different budgetary constraints and work to develop a solution right for you

Quality employee care

We partner with hand-picked fertility clinics and our in-house doctors have decades of experience in reproductive health

Hassle-free approach

We cover the end-to-end financial and operational admin for all our clients so you can focus on strategic decision making

Tech-enabled solutions

We offer COVID friendly benefits and care from the privacy and comfort of an employee's home - and our companion app is launching later in 2021

In-house medical

Dr. Grudzinskas & Dr. Lieberman manage our in-house patient-facing team, enabling us to provide quality, relevant and personalised care to all employees.

  • With over 50 years of experience between them, we offer consultations, advice and support for every aspect of reproductive healthcare

Find out more about our doctors here.

...With a national

We operate nationwide, ensuring that your employees across the whole of the UK are able to access the services and support that they may need.

  • Our network includes fertility clinics, consultant embryologists, andrologists, urologists and gynaecologists that specialise in all areas of fertility care