The latest research, resources and insights to give you guidance on creating a family-forming culture in the workplace.

Our guide to making your workplace more inclusive for LGBTQ+ parents to be
How UK law firms can benefit from reproductive health benefits – April 2022 update
April 2022 updated edition
HR guide to fertility in the workplace
Breaking the silence around male reproductive health
A Workplace Fertility Community webinar
Fertility in the Workplace
2 in 3 people surveyed said that fertility challenges impact their ability to carry out their duties at work.
Menopause in the Workplace
An in-depth report on menopause in the workplace: the symptoms, the impact on both employees and employers and practical solutions to address the challenges.
No Sweat! How to support menopause in the workplace
42% of women have considered leaving their job as a direct result of the menopause. Find out how to support menopause in the workplace here.
Building Families with PRIDE
How employers can create more inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ+ employees
How UK law firms can benefit from workplace fertility support
Find out which solutions might be right for your business.
Building families with PRIDE
To celebrate Pride Month 2021, we shine a spotlight on the path to parenthood for LGBT+ employees - and what employers can do to support them.
The impact of fertility and reproductive health challenges on employees
The path to parenthood can often come with many challenges. To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we provide an insight into how you can support your employees.
Why does every organisation need a fertility & reproductive health policy?
Currently, the majority of employers in the UK have no formal policies in place to support employees with reproductive health or fertility matters...
Juggling work and fertility struggles
Recorded in partnership with Fertility Network UK, the UK's leading infertility charity, this webinar explores how to manage a career while undergoing fertility challenges.
How employee benefits can support organisations’ strategic objectives
Insights to help you understand your ROI when considering wellbeing, EAP and fertility or reproductive healthcare benefits for your employees.
Top tips for starting a conversation about fertility in the workplace
Insights into starting a conversation with your colleagues, HR department and management about fertility benefits.
Connecting with colleagues: creating a reproductive health network
How can you create a workplace support system for colleagues who are struggling to start or add to their family?
Workplace fertility: why it matters and where to start?
Employers can no longer afford to ignore the reproductive health of their employees or dismiss this as a minority issue. Find out more about workplace fertility here.
Our HR guide to reproductive health support in the workplace
Find out about the impact of fertility challenges in the workplace and understand how to support your employees.
Building a business case for fertility & reproductive healthcare benefits
An introduction to an inclusive and cost effective way to improve employee health and wellbeing.
Fertility Journeys
We spoke with a group of people in the workplace about their fertility challenges. Simply put, fertility struggles can and do affect anyone.
The first step: an introduction to fertility in the workplace
How can employers begin to address the taboo surrounding fertility issues in their organisations and take the first step towards providing better support?