Fertifa Concierge

Making it happen

Next-generation, modern fertility care and support for your employees, maximising their chances of success, with transparent all-inclusive prices.

Fertifa Concierge allows your company to support the reproductive health of your employees and contribute towards fertility treatment.

Your employees' companion

We act as a mentor for any employee that needs, or wants, to have children. We stand by them through their fertility journey – it’s all managed through our digital platform.

What's included?

Your employees will receive discounts, vouchers and full fertility cycle coverage based on the level of funding you wish to provide.

We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your company. Your employees receive 100% of the funding you choose to provide.

  • Launch webinar for all staff
  • Launch materials provided
  • Onboarding support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enrolment data
  • Employee feedback
  • Ongoing service level review meetings
  • Basic analytics
  • Quarterly benchmarking report
  • Detailed cost report
  • Custom analytics*

*Additional charges may apply

  • Next-generation fertility support
  • Employer funded fertility treatment
  • 15-minute scoping session
  • Access to fertility advisors 7 days a week
  • Dedicated advisor throughout
  • A digital record of your fertility journey
  • Bespoke education and insights
  • Home testing kits for men and women*
  • Video consultations available as standard
  • Access to home drug delivery services*
  • Access to NHS navigation experts*
  • Education webinars
  • Monthly fertility socials in small groups
  • Transparent, all-inclusive pricing
  • Discounts on wellbeing services

*Additional charges may apply

Focusing on what matters

Excellent pregnancy rates & clinicians

Innovative, next-generation treatment

Transparent, all-inclusive pricing

Clinical excellence

Our success rates are higher than the national average and we pride ourselves in the quality of clinical care we provide.

All our partner clinics have been given a 5/5 inspection rating by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority – the fertility industry’s regulator.

Next-generation treatment

Fertility treatment is expensive and NHS funding is reducing rapidly. Our approach is supportive, holistic and empowering.

Patient experience of fertility treatment isn’t always positive – clinics can be sterile and unwelcoming. Patient-centric technology and people skills are sometimes missing, resulting in patients feeling overwhelmed and unempowered.

Fertifa challenges this norm. We are a digital clinic that focuses on empowering your employees – allowing them to access treatment that is right for them and make informed decisions.

All-inclusive pricing

Comparing fertility clinic prices is confusing, with treatment add-ons (including medication, storage of additional embryos and blood tests) costing £’000s extra.

These charges are often drip-fed to the patient throughout a treatment cycle, which isn’t great for financial planning!

We inform our patients of all potential costs and avoid surprises down the line through a single payment.

Find out more

Our integrated package offers your employees a wealth of benefits. What would you like to find out more about next?

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