Fertifa Education

Raising awareness

A suite of webinars, podcasts, workshops and lunch & learn sessions tailored to employees, HR and leadership teams.

Designed to maximise employee engagement, support & wellbeing in the workplace.

How does it work?

We’ll work with your HR department to scope, coordinate and present a tailored programme of reproductive health and fertility education for your workforce.

We provide management information, analytics and employee feedback to help you understand the impact and engagement of your employees.


  • 4 webinars a year for employees
  • Recordings available on demand
  • Lunchtime and evening sessions
  • Weekend webinars (subject to notice)


  • 6 podcasts a year for employees
  • Licensed for use at any time
  • Variety of topics – tailored to you
  • Bespoke podcasts (subject to notice)

Lunch & Learn

  • A lunch & learn session for the leadership team
  • Covers: the impact of fertility, who is affected, how best to support your workforce, best practice and industry guidance


  • A workshop for your HR, benefits and wellbeing teams
  • Covers: thought leadership and industry insights, the impact of fertility at work, and support to develop a fertility-friendly culture

Previous topics include:

Education that engages and empowers your workforce (and costs less than buying an employee one coffee a month).

Putting self care on the agenda | The future of fertility | Trying to conceive | The fundamentals of nutrition for fertility | The Fertifa guide to fertility treatment | Taking the first steps | Babies, bumps and beyond | Single parents | The road to solo motherhood | The Fertifa guide to social egg freezing | Menopause awareness | Fertility matters for women | Advice on donor conception | Advice on surrogacy & adoption | Designing the right fertility policy | Supporting working parents

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