Fertifa Health

Being proactive

A range of hormone and sperm testing kits that your employees can take from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Each test includes a free mini consultation to discuss results and next steps.

How does it work?

We deliver the at-home health tests to your employees and help them learn more about their reproductive health.

These tests help employees proactively take control of their reproductive health, empowering them and encouraging improved wellbeing.

For Women

We’ve partnered with The Doctors Laboratory to offer at-home hormone testing kits. 

We’ll get the kit delivered to your employee’s home. It’s a simple finger-prick test – the sample is collected in a micro tube and returned to the lab using the free-post envelope included.

Fertifa will be in touch with your employees within 72 hours to discuss the results.

For Men

We’ve partnered with ExSeed Health to offer at-home sperm testing kits.

We’ll get the kit delivered to your employee’s home. A sample is produced and the results are immediately available through the ExSeed Health smartphone app.

The kit can be used 5 times, allowing for repeat testing. We focus on empowerment and positive lifestyle changes to improve quality of reproductive health. 

Fertifa can discuss the results with your employees and provide further advice where relevant.

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Our integrated package offers your employees a wealth of benefits. What would you like to find out more about next?

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