Fertifa/People in Law webinar review

Eileen Burbidge from Fertifa was joined by Natalie Sutherland (Burgess Mee) and Emily Miles (Harbottle and Lewis) for a discussion about Workplace Fertility Support within the Legal Sector. The recording of this webinar is now available to view on demand.  

During the webinar the panellists talked about the importance of education around fertility and reproductive health issues within the workplace in order to shift the culture in a firm to help employees feel supported when opening up conversations with line managers or HR about their own fertility.  

The panellists covered why it is important to develop stand-alone fertility policies, and how promoting dedicated polices ensures employees know exactly what they are entitled to. They also talked about how firms need to steer the culture shift from the top, either by having firm partners lead conversations or by having a dedicated person within the firm for employees to go to if they have concerns about fertility or family forming (much like Natalie’s role as Chief Fertility Officer). Employee wellbeing and remaining fully inclusive should always be the top priority when considering fertility policies and benefits.

The key take-aways: 

Lots of people want to know how to support their colleagues and the best way to do this when starting out is: 

  1. Be open 
  1. Lead from the front 
  1. Have conversations about fertility 

Firms need to have culture a where staff feel supported enough to take advantage of any benefits which are in place and this starts with building trust and educating the whole firm, so that everyone has a basic knowledge and ability to open up that conversation, thereby giving employees confidence to talk about their own fertility and family forming plans, aspirations and journeys.  

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