Reproductive health matters

A benefit that can attract and retain employees, whilst improving productivity

Reproductive health has been ignored in the workplace due to the private and sensitive nature of the issue, leaving employers unsure of how to support their employees

1 in every 6 (3.5 million) couples in the UK have difficulties conceiving. Single women are increasingly worried about their reproductive health as they approach their 40’s. Every LGBT+ employee needs support to start a family.

Every employee deserves affordable access to quality fertility treatment and reproductive health support.

By ignoring fertility wellbeing in the workplace, there’s a significant impact on employee productivity, absenteeism and eventually retention.

Reproductive health and fertility benefits matter to your workforce

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of employees who face reproductive health challenges will leave their job for a company that offers fertility benefits

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of UK millennial workers say that employers should offer fertility benefits

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of employees who feel unsupported during IVF treatment leave, or consider leaving, their job

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of employees will stay longer with their employers if they are 100% covered for fertility treatment

Fertility and financial wellbeing

Fertility treatment can equate to the cost of a significant deposit on a house.

Employer-funded fertility support improves financial wellbeing and reduces the stress of how to afford treatment.
What’s the alternative?
Private clinics can charge upwards of £4,500 for every single cycle of IVF – and that’s excluding the additional £1,500 for medication. The government’s funding for NHS fertility treatment is dwindling and most private medical insurers do not cover fertility treatment.

Fertility and physical wellbeing

Fertility treatment is demanding – and not just due to the countless appointments and lack of sleep for worrying.

Hours on Google looking at treatment options; days of injecting hormones in an empty room at work; weeks spent running back and forth between the office/home and fertility clinics – all these factors place a huge physical burden on employees, whilst compounding the issue of ‘presenteeism’.
We provide the support to make this better.

We work to reduce clinic visits through at-home blood tests, drug delivery, 24/7 messaging and video consultations wherever possible.

Patient wellbeing is an important focus for us. We provide holistic support through counselling, fertility coaching and a wealth of other services.

Fertility and emotional wellbeing

When faced with infertility, 90% of individuals feel depressed and 43% feel suicidal.

No one prepares you for reproductive health challenges and every fertility journey is uniquely stressful.  Employees can feel overwhelmed, inadequate and isolated.  These feelings are exacerbated with conflicting work demands and a lack of support within the workplace.

We are an advocate for every individual who wants to get to grips with their reproductive health.

Every employee has a dedicated Fertility Advisor who will guide and mentor them, supporting them physically, emotionally and mentally to encourage the best and most deserved outcome.

Support your employees

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