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We are the UK’s first Employer Fertility Steering Committee.

We have gathered passionate leaders from HR, Legal, D&I and Fertility backgrounds to transform fertility and family wellbeing in the workplace.

1 in 6 professionals experience fertility issues while at work. All LGBT+ members require support if they wish to have a baby. Social egg freezing is becoming more prominent. Around 20% of pregnancies result in a miscarriage.

Join us in making the UK a better place for any employee going through a fertility journey.

The Fertility Steering Committee

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The last taboo

Employee assistance programmes, private health and the NHS do not provide a solution.

Over 70% of organisations still do not have a workplace fertility policy.

1 in 6 couples in the UK – or 3.5 million people – have fertility challenges and nearly 70,000 IVF treatment cycles are carried out each year in the UK.

1 in 5 women experience miscarriage, 80% of single women suffer from fertility decline simply because they are still to find the right partner, and 30% of all fertility problems are due to male factor infertility. 

100% of the LGBT+ group planning to start a family need help to do so.

Companies benefit

Proactively addressing employee fertility challenges and providing a solution has many benefits for organisations.

There is a case for fertility support at the workplace.

  • Companies save money and become more efficient. They become a workplace that future employees proactively seek out.
  • Re-recruitment decreases, absenteeism falls and the productivity of happy and healthy employees increases.
  • Offering guidance on fertility challenges, which often disproportionately impact women in the workplace, also positively supports the corporate agenda and regulatory frameworks around gender balance and diversity and inclusion.
  • Companies with a fertility policy find they are more easily able to support a positive corporate wellbeing culture which is truly HR focussed.

Our objectives

We are advocates for fertility and reproductive health support at the workplace.

The committee is made up of professionals across a variety of industries – including fertility specialists, HR consultants, D&I leaders and HR directors.

Our objectives

  • To improve support for any employee experiencing infertility or going through fertility treatment
  • To shape UK best practice and policy in all matters relating to fertility at the workplace
  • To educate HR professionals, managers and colleagues on the impact of a fertility journey on an employee’s wellbeing
  • To improve diversity & inclusion, gender inequality, employee wellbeing and family support at the workplace

How we do it

We empower companies to think differently.

We promote fertility and reproductive health support in the workplace. This includes:

  • Thought leadership publications and research around the impact of infertility in the workplace
  • Webinars and in-person events / presentations on a variety of topics surrounding fertility wellbeing
  • Collaborations with industry-led associations such as CIPD and REBA
  • Networking events with other progressive professionals
  • Workshops with directors and board level employees looking to support their workforce
  • Cross-promotion of initiatives that our members are working on

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