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Fertility wellbeing has been ignored in the workplace for a long time due to its sensitivity and privacy.

3.5 million couples in the UK have difficulties conceiving. Single women are increasingly worried about their declining fertility as they approach their 40s. Every single LGBT+ employee needs support to start a family.

Every employee deserves affordable access to fertility treatment.

By ignoring fertility wellbeing in the workplace, there’s a significant impact on employee productivity, absenteeism and eventually retention. 

Many employees simply leave jobs without their managers appreciating what they were going through – and it’s a shame for both the employee and their employer.

“Fertifa’s value proposition and offering perfectly ticks a wide range of our agenda”

Head of EMEA Benefits, FAANG firm

“Fertifa’s product can boost productivity and fit into our forward-thinking benefit strategy”

Head of EMEA Benefits and Payroll, Law firm
  • Fertility benefits are important
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Fertility issues can affect us all

Support your workforce and improve employee wellbeing

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of couples face fertility
issues in the UK
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age when women are
most likely to conceive
0 %
of women experience a
miscarriage in the UK
0 %
of LGBT+ employees
need fertility support

Enhance productivity improve employee retention and reduce absenteeism


of those who face infertility will switch to a company that has fertility benefits


of millennial UK workers say that employers should offer fertility benefits


of employees who feel unsupported during IVF treatment quit or think of quitting


of staff will stay longer with their employers if 100% covered for fertility treatment

Baby and mother

A low cost solution with a big social impact on your employees and brand

  • Provide benefits for women at the workplace
  • LGBT+ employees need support and advice around surrogacy, adoption and the use of donor banks
  • Women who choose to be single mothers need donor sperm or adoption support
  • A great benefit for employees who choose to have children later in their life
  • Fertility benefits include menopause awareness and education
  • Social egg freezing is becoming increasingly common as women look to preserve their fertility
  • This leads to a similar level of career success as men without compromising on family or personal commitments
  • Fertility benefits close the gender pay gap
  • Fertility at the workplace is one of the least acknowledged areas due to privacy and sensitivity
  • A good workplace fertility program can help reduce absenteeism
  • It can help foster openness, building a bridge between employers and employees
  • A fertility benefit is a great tool for employee retention and talent attraction
  • When facing infertility, 90% feel depressed, 43% feel suicidal
  • Fertility challenges and treatments can be a major contributor emotional and physical stress
  • Decline in fertility amid late family demographic trend causes stress for mid-senior level female employees
  • Infertility has a significant impact on financial wellbeing - a treatment cycle can equate to over £10,000, without the guarantee of success
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee wellbeing

Fertility benefits are essential for modern, employee-centric companies

How does it work?


Workshops available to discuss your fertility policy and goals

Fertifa provides HR education and scope out what Fertifa looks like for your workforce demographic


Our proposal will be tailored to your company

We will prepare your internal comms and support your employees through the roll-out


We provide education throughout the year - including lunch & learn sessions and webinars

Our fertility advisors are available to your employees 7 days a week


Two way feedback process as part of a quarterly review

Updates on latest platform functionality and management information

Flex your benefit plan

Simply hassle-free,
we take care of all the administration

Simple, secure sign-in - Fertifa works with your current SAML solution as well as custom eligibility checks

Day-to-day management from appointment booking to claims processing

Reports to track costs, engagement and employee feedback

Benchmarking insights to understand the market trend and remain competitive

Supporting every employee's fertility journey

Comprehensive coverage

Diagnostic testing, fertility treatment, gamete preservation and wellbeing services, including counselling and fertility coaching, are are all available

UK leading clinic access

We partner with licensed clinics with outstanding success rates and quality care. Sub-specialities include immunology and egg donation

Personalised support

Every fertility journey is unique - from same-sex couples needing donor sperm to social egg freezing. We provide guidance and support for everyone

Experience Fertifa from Day 1

Get access to our digital platform from Day 1. Start the journey with a scoping call with a fertility advisor. Message us 7 days a week and get access to discounted treatment

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