Fertifa is the mentor throughout your fertility journey

Everyone’s fertility journey is unique. 

Fertifa is here to empower you by becoming your one-stop fertility companion. Our way is tailored to fit your individual needs, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or marital status.

You simply pay a monthly membership fee which gives you exclusive access to our clinical expertise, modern diagnostics, holistic services and discounts on treatments with our leading partnership clinics. 

If you’d like more information, check out our FAQs page.

“The support Fertifa gives is so beneficial in terms of knowing that you’re doing the right thing; that you’re spending your money on the right treatments that give you the best chance of achieving your pregnancy.”

Fertifa Patient, Centrica Plc

Become a member today

Join the Fertifa Programme and unlock a range of benefits including:

  • Access to our digital platform
  • A scoping session with a Fertifa expert
  • Discounted treatment with our partner clinics
  • A dedicated fertility advisor that you can message at any time
  • Bespoke education and insights that are relevant to your journey
  • Hormone and sperm home testing diagnostic kits – for privacy and comfort
  • Access to home drug delivery
  • Access to NHS navigation experts – to give you a second opinion and help you get treatment on the NHS
  • Education webinars
  • Monthly fertility socials
  • Fertility coaching
  • Discounted wellbeing services with our partners
  • A digital record of your fertility journey

Supporting your fertility journey


Meet our fertility advisors

Once you’re a member of the Fertifa programme, your journey starts with a chat with one of our fertility advisors.

During this call we’ll discuss your history, objectives and explore your fertility options. We’ll also tell you a bit more about how you can access the range of benefits we provide.

Throughout your time with us, you’ll have access to your dedicated advisor who you can message whenever you like.


Your fertility plan

After the scoping consultation, we’ll be in touch with a bespoke fertility plan for you. This will vary depending on where you are in your fertility journey.

This may involve further diagnostic testing, a doctor consultation, a wellbeing programme or recommendations around treatment with a partner fertility clinic.

We will always outline any further costs you may have to pay (depending on your benefits coverage) as part of this.


Diagnostic tests & referral clinics

Depending on your circumstances, we may arrange to take some at-home diagnostic tests or make fast-track appointments with your chosen clinic for your fertility treatment.

If you select one of our partner clinics, you will receive a discount on their treatment prices on their website.


Supporting your journey

Your advisor will be in touch throughout your time with your fertility clinic.

This is an ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns or have your questions answered by experts who completely understand your individual circumstances and treatment. 

No more late-night Googling – we’re simply a tap away, anytime, anywhere.

We will also arrange a free, no-obligation, fertility coaching session to help you tackle your fertility journey.


Holistic services

Throughout your journey, your Fertifa membership gives you direct access to our qualified nutritionists, acupuncturists and counsellors to help you manage any physical and mental stress.

Your fertility advisor will provide further information and help you decide which services will complement your fertility treatment – enhancing your chance of conception.

You can find out more about our partner wellbeing providers here.

With you every step of the way

Fertility tests can be powerful indicators.

Whether you’re planning for pregnancy or you want to check your fertility reserve, our easy finger-prick blood test will help you understand your fertility status. It can be done at home and can save you a significant amount of time and money vs. getting the tests done at the clinic.

We work with leading, innovative laboratories and the test kit is delivered to your home and contains all the information you need. Once you are done, simply enclose the blood sample in the freepost envelope and send it back to our accredited lab.

Once Fertifa receives your results, your dedicated fertility advisors will contact you to explain the results and discuss next steps.

You can read more about the diagnostic labs that we work with on our partnerships page.

We help you navigate the world of IVF.

For our patients whose best chance of achieving pregnancy involves IVF or another complex fertility treatment, we aim to offer better outcomes at a lower cost.

We only partner with clinics with high pregnancy-success rates, lower miscarriage rates and lower twinning rates (which often leads to lower maternity care-related costs and risk of complications).

We also offer the  expertise and treatments for single women and LGBT+ individuals to build their families, including a network for those that are looking into adoption, surrogacy and donor eggs / sperm.

Social egg freezing is becoming increasingly popular.

With later-life family planning becoming a demographic trend, egg freezing offers women more options in the future to try for a baby if they have not  found the right partner, want to focus on their careers or have health issues.

We’ve partnered with various clinics that provide quality care and expertise for those that would like to freeze their eggs. We will talk you through your options as part of your scoping consultation as well as how much this will cost, including discounts available to you.