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“They remove so much stress — they’re there.

They have the empathy of someone who has gone through it, helping me make decisions on the right treatments, the right therapies and the right things to do. And how I should spend my money!”

- Fertifa Patient

Through our medical professionals, partner HFEA licensed clinics and wellbeing providers, we offer quality, modern and effective fertility care and treatment.

We offer this care through our corporate fertility benefit programmes as well as directly to individuals.

Why Fertifa?

We’re a patient-focused, modern care provider. What does this mean for you?

We are experts in:

  • IVF
  • Egg freezing
  • Complex cases, including recurrent miscarriage
  • Sperm preservation
  • IUI
  • Treatment with donor eggs and sperm
  • All areas of reproductive health
Clinical pregnancy rates

We have third-party agreements in place with HFEA regulated clinics across the UK that have clinical success rates up to 15% - 25% higher than the UK average.

Clinical excellence

With decades of experience, our doctors are fully versed in all areas of reproductive health care.

Care & support - 7 days a week

From Day 1, you will have a dedicated fertility advisor you can be in touch with for any question - at no cost.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs. All broken down into one, easy-to-understand quote.

Tech-enabled solutions

We offer at-home reproductive healthcare assessments through finger-prick blood tests, video consultations and ExSeed sperm screening technology.

A holistic approach

Access to a wealth of wellbeing services to complement your fertility journey and maximise your chance of success.

Every fertility journey is unique

Fertifa is your private mentor – whether you are pregnant, thinking about starting a family in the future, currently trying to conceive, looking at fertility treatment options, or simply wanting to be proactive with your reproductive health.

We offer patient-centric, modern fertility care, support and education – empowering you to take control of your fertility health as your one-stop fertility companion. 

Clinical excellence

We work with hand-picked doctors and HFEA licensed clinics across the UK.

All our partner clinics have been given a 5/5 inspection rating by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority – the fertility industry’s regulator.

Modern treatment

Fertility treatment can be overwhelming and isolating.

With Fertifa, you have a fertility partner with an approach that is supportive, holistic and empowering.

Patient-centric fertility care

Leading clinics


Fertility treatment

Transparent pricing, with no hidden costs

Counselling as standard


Remote consultations as standard

Dedicated fertility advisor

At-home health assessments

At-home drug delivery as standard


Unlimited messaging support

Access to NHS navigation experts

Free fertility coaching session

Access to employer funded treatment

Access to wellbeing specialists (including nutritionists, reflexologists, hypnotherapists & acupuncturists)


Find out more

In collaboration with our partner clinics, we offer a full range of services and treatments.

Your journey with us

Free Initial appointment

Book an appointment with one of our fertility advisors on our 'Get Started' page to explore what your treatment requirements are and what you would like to achieve.

This includes a brief discussion about your fertility history, including previous investigations.

Diagnostics & consultation

Use our at-home hormone and sperm kits to understand more about your fertility health.

Book a consultation with a Fertifa doctor to discuss the results and set up your bespoke treatment plan.

Fertility treatment

Choose one of our partner clinics that's right for you - we'll book you in for your appointments.

Your fertility advisor will be with you every step of the way - and available for any questions thoughout.

Wellbeing services

You have direct access to a range of holistic wellbeing providers.

They'll help to ensure that you are relaxed, energised and at your optimal fertility - with the ultimate aim of increasing your chances of success.

Pregnancy & beyond

You will have a review consultation with your chosen clinic, who will explain the next steps.

If you need any further guidance or support, your fertility advisor will be able to recommend appropriate providers within our network.

Fertility Journeys

We spoke with a group of people in the UK about their fertility challenges. Simply put, fertility struggles can - and do - affect anyone.

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