Career & Executive Coaching

Manage your career on your journey to parenthood.

A well managed career can improve your physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being on your journey to parenthood.

Before the journey...

Your fertility journey can have a significant impact on your career; which in turn can have a significant impact on your fertility journey.

It you’ve not yet started your fertility journey, you may be wondering:

  • When is the right time for me?
  • If I focus on my fertility, will my career suffer, or if I focus on my career, will my fertility suffer?
  • How can I have it all?

During the journey...

If you’re already on your fertility journey and you’re struggling to conceive, experiencing miscarriages, undergoing fertility investigations and treatments, or you’re engaged in other complex family creation processes, then you may be finding that you’re:

  • holding yourself back in a career or role that no longer fulfils you;
  • struggling to manage the pressures and demands of your job and your fertility journey;
  • feeling compelled to resign, reduce your hours or relinquish responsibilities;
  • anxious about your attendance, performance, self management and future career prospects;
  • fearful of seeking and obtaining workplace support; and/or
  • losing confidence and connection with yourself, your work and your colleagues.

It’s understandable to want to enjoy a meaningful career that enhances your life and compliments your desire for parenthood.

Managing the impact

Career and Executive Coaching can empower you to manage your career in a way that works for you and your journey parenthood.

We have partnered with Emma Menzies of Ready Steady Coach to provide you with this important support.

Coaching involves a series of one-to-one, confidential, non-judgemental conversations with Emma, (by voice or video call), that can help you to:

  • develop a clear sense of purpose and direction;
  • be certain of your priorities, motivations, talents and resources;
  • explore different ways of thinking and operating and experience more choice;
  • develop plans and strategies to get and stay on track;
  • identify and overcome obstacles to your success; and
  • make decisions, take action and move forward one step at a time.

About Emma Menzies

Emma is a Coach, NLP Practitioner, former Employment Lawyer and professional woman on a fertility rollercoaster.

Emma practised employment law for over 13 years in a top 10 international law firm and FTSE 100 retailer. She advised on a broad range of employment issues, concerning employees at all levels of business, across a variety of industries.

She then responded to her own experience of working while on a fertility journey, by creating a fulfilling new coaching career.

Emma is passionate about fertility at work and empowering others to manage their careers and live happy and fulfilling lives while they’re on their fertility journeys. Her personal and professional background provide her with natural empathy, a broad insight into career and workplace issues and the skills to facilitate sustainable change.