Fertility coaching

Providing guidance and support throughout your fertility journey, giving you a sense of purpose and hope.

A tool for stress management

One of our partners, Cindy Charles, tells us her story…

“I became a Fertility Coach having undertaken over 5 years of fertility treatment before conceiving my two children.

Throughout that time, I had little support or effective direction and I stumbled my way through a myriad of clinical options by trial and error, which was stressful, lonely and disorientating.

Eventually, 3 years in and due to long waiting times in my clinic’s Reception, I started talking to other patients and felt enormous relief at sharing our stories. I believe that this and other key factors contributed to us finally conceiving our daughter.

Since then I have worked for Fertility Network UK and held numerous Support groups in Kent and London for couples and Single women. I also worked for 3 years with the London Women’s Clinic on Harley Street, which provided enormous experience with patients and operational practices.

I am passionate about patient support and the importance of mental and physical wellbeing from conception, throughout pregnancy into early parenting.”

The benefits

Fertility coaching provides a judgement-free space to talk about your feelings throughout your journey.

  • It helps manage stress, anxieties and nervous thoughts before, during and after fertility treatment
  • Acts as someone to help you make decisions, or guide you in the right direction on where to start
  • Is a coping mechanism during key points during your cycle – such as during the two week wait
  • Is an introducer to a wider support network – and the opportunity for you to meet with others in a similar situation
  • Is a supportive strategiser that can help you set out your plans and act as your cheerleader to keep you on track