New ‘ROI calculator’ for reproductive healthcare benefits supports HR leaders to build a business case for fertility

Fertifa, the fertility and reproductive healthcare benefits provider, has launched an online ROI (return on investment) calculator to help UK employers quantify the savings they could make by introducing fertility benefits for their staff.

Employers simply enter into the calculator the number of people they employ and the average company salary to receive an immediate net ROI calculation and a projected maximum cost per employee for the benefit.

The calculator has been launched to support HR teams in building a business case for introducing reproductive healthcare and fertility benefits as part of their holistic benefits package.

Tony Chen, CEO at Fertifa, said: “HR teams have long been faced with the challenge of how they support their employees with fertility and reproductive healthcare in the workplace. But crucially the last year of Covid-19 restrictions has amplified an already extremely difficult time for many employees as treatments have been cancelled and plans put on hold. At the same time we’ve seen a huge increase in companies prioritising employee wellbeing.

“We’ve also seen that fertility benefit programmes have become a must-have benefit across corporate America. Research shows that 90% of people experiencing fertility challenges would change jobs for fertility support and coverage and 33% of UK millennials believe fertility benefits should be offered in the workplace.

“We’re providing our ROI calculator so that businesses can quantify how crucial this type of benefit is in supporting strategic objectives such as employee recruitment, retention and productivity, diversity and inclusion, the authenticity agenda, and physical and mental wellbeing – and how they will ultimately become a competitive advantage for those UK companies who choose to lead the way in introducing them.”

The calculator is available at www.fertifa.com/employers/pricing-and-roi/

Notes to editor

  • Fertifa’s ROI calculator shows the net return on investment that could be achieved when adopting the Fertifa benefits programme. It is defined as savings that could be made through employee retention, increased productivity, engagement and a reduction in absenteeism, minus Fertifa’s cost to provide the benefit.
  • UK wide, 3.5 million people a year are on a fertility journey and many suffer from a huge burden of emotional, physical and financial stress as a direct result. Fertifa’s workplace benefit solution bridges the gap between employee and employer which is currently not addressed through employee assistance programmes, private healthcare or the NHS.
  • In the UK 1 in 6 couples need help to conceive, 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage, and 100% of LGBTQ employees who are planning to start a family need help to do so.

About Fertifa

Fertifa is a team of world-class healthcare professionals, employee benefits experts and fertility specialists who have experienced fertility challenges first-hand. The team has come together to make fertility care more accessible, inclusive and affordable for all UK workplace employees, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

The company works with HR and workplace benefits teams to deliver a bespoke and cost-efficient fertility benefit for employees.

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