PRIDE webinar

Wednesday 23 June, 10.00 – 11.00

What can companies do to support their LGBTQ+ employees in building a family and ensure both their policies and workplaces are fully inclusive?

The number of LGBTQ+ people building a family is rising, year on year. Whether couples pursue donor conception, surrogacy or adoption, no path is straightforward and this can take its toll physically, emotionally and financially.

Join our webinar to hear from inspirational panellists who have all faced challenges in their parenthood journeys. They will share frank insights and suggestions, which will undoubtedly be valuable for anyone with an interest in workplace inclusion and wellbeing.

Some of the questions we will ask include:

  • How can companies be more inclusive?
  • Where are they going wrong?
  • How can employers ensure LGBTQ+ people feel comfortable talking openly about their journey to parenthood at work?
  • What language and terminology should businesses be using?

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