Breaking the silence around male reproductive health

A Workplace Fertility Community webinar

Around 40% of fertility issues are down to male factors. Men who are affected can really struggle with their mental health and this is in part due to ‘suffering in silence’. They feel unable to speak to their employer as it’s not something which is widely acknowledged or understood in the workplace.

In this Workplace Fertility Community webinar, Paul Breach (Head of Audit Practices & Operations at London Stock Exchange Group) was joined by Nigel Moralee MPM, MBA (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager at Sage), Jon Campbell (Health & Risk Consultant at Barnet Waddingham) and Hema Wara (HR & Client Services Director at Fertifa).

The discussion included:

• Facts and figures on male infertility

• The mental health impact

• Workplace challenges around male reproductive health

• Practical support that organisations can offer

Sponsored by Fertifa, the Workplace Fertility Community’s mission is to breakdown the taboo of reproductive health & fertility in the workplace.

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