Fertility Journeys

We spoke with a group of people in the workplace about their fertility challenges. Simply put, fertility struggles can and do affect anyone.

Figures from Fertility Network UK reveal that one in six couples in the UK – or 3.5 million people – have, or will experience, fertility challenges. Nearly 70,000 IVF treatment cycles are carried out each year in the UK.

One in four women experience miscarriage, 80% of single women suffer from fertility decline because they are still to find the right partner and 40% of all fertility problems are due to male factor infertility. LGBT+ employees planning to start a family may require support with adoption, donor conception or surrogacy matters, too.

Simply put, fertility challenges can – and do – affect anyone. Seeking the right support and treatment can be an exhausting process, coupled with significant financial, mental and physical burden for all involved.

An IVF cycle often costs over £6,000 coupled with an less than 50% chance of pregnancy. A treatment cycle can involve weeks of hormone injections and countless clinic visits for blood tests, scans and invasive procedures. Given employees spend around a third of their lives at work, it’s unsurprising that their mind can sometimes be elsewhere, leading to reduced productivity.

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