How UK law firms can benefit from workplace fertility support

Find out which solutions might be right for your business.

There has been a recent surge in UK law firms adopting fertility benefits.  While these perks have long been a feature of US employment packages, they are still a relatively new concept in our country.

As such, we understand there is still a degree of speculation about what these benefits entail, how they work in practice, which demographic groups can make use of them and to what end.

There is clear evidence that fertility benefits can provide good return on investment and support both talent management and inclusion agendas.

In this white paper, we have collated scientific and market research, along with some of the most common queries from hundreds of employers we’ve spoken with, to help you create a business case for introducing the benefits. Find out more about:

  • Why law firms are rushing to adopt fertility benefits

  • Why reproductive health support is important and which demographic groups will make use of the benefits

  • How fertility benefits support diversity, inclusion and overall wellbeing agendas

  • Which solutions may be right for your business

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