Menopause in the Workplace

An in-depth report on menopause in the workplace: the symptoms, the impact on both employees and employers and practical solutions to address the challenges.

Menopause is a hot topic right now, and here’s why. Women aged 50 to 64 are the fastest-growing, economically active group in the UK and there are currently around 4 million women aged over 50 employed in the UK, comprising around 45% of the total workforce for this age group.

Until recently, the menopause and its impact on women was rarely discussed.

It is however very much in employers’ interests to take positive action to retain these women. Many women going through perimenopause or menopause are at the peak of their careers, with research proving that the most diverse companies are more likely make a greater profit than less diverse peers.

The UK could be losing 14 million working days per year, because of the menopause. 42% of women who experience menopausal symptoms consider leaving their job, which results in a chronic loss of knowledge, experience and talent.

We explore these issues in depth and provide practical solutions for offering workplace support to help employers with both their wellbeing and diversity agendas.

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