No Sweat! How to support menopause in the workplace

42% of women have considered leaving their job as a direct result of the menopause. Find out how to support menopause in the workplace here.

Menopause in the workplace isn’t just a taboo topic – it’s a hot one (quite literally). We have seen a recent surge in media coverage, highlighting the urgent need for workplaces to acknowledge the changing demographics of working women and the need to provide better support.

However, there is very little being discussed about how to positively address these issues – and that’s why we are hosting this webinar. We’ve assembled a stellar panel of experts who will provide practical solutions to ensure your company is implementing best practice in terms of both education and support. Tackling this head-on will result in a more inclusive and supportive company culture, higher staff retention, greater productivity and reduced absenteeism.

According to a recent survey conducted by Fertifa in conjunction with the Latte Lounge, 50% of women experienced decreased job satisfaction and 42% considered leaving their job as a direct result of the menopause.

For many women, the symptoms of perimenopause start in their early forties: that’s a pretty wide demographic. Some may find they sail through, others may experience physical symptoms (such as sweating and headaches) but our survey worryingly revealed that it’s poor mental health and cognition which are often the most troublesome symptoms for women experiencing menopause or perimenopause.

Discussion topics include:

  • Why the menopause is relevant to everyone in the workplace
  • How to approach conversations around the menopause at work
  • What benefits companies can gain by offering menopause support
  • What practical steps employers can take to empower women and ultimately improve productivity, loyalty and retention

Featuring a fantastic panel:

  • Eileen Burbidge MBE, Partner at Passion Capital
  • Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting at Towergate
  • Liz Clayton-Jones, Director of Beehive Consulting
  • Hema Wara, HR & Client Services Director at Fertifa
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