We are Fertifa

Next-generation fertility treatment & reproductive health support tailored to your company size, budget, demographic and culture

Fertifa provides you with an integrated benefits package to educate, engage and empower your employees.

“Fertifa’s value proposition and offering perfectly ticks a range of boxes on our agenda”

– Head of EMEA Benefits, FAANG firm

“Fertifa’s product can boost productivity and fit into our forward-thinking benefit strategy”

– Head of EMEA Benefits & Payroll, Law firm

We are the leading reproductive healthcare provider in the UK

This is how we do it…

Our benefit packages provide solutions tailored to your demographic and corporate budget.

Voluntary, low-cost or comprehensive coverage options are available for your employees – and can be tweaked to suit your workforce.

Fertifa Education

Raising awareness

A suite of webinars, podcasts, workshops and lunch & learn sessions tailored to employees, HR and leadership teams.

Designed to maximise employee engagement and support wellbeing in the workplace.

Fertifa Health

Being proactive

A range of hormone and sperm testing kits for your employees to take from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Includes a free mini consultation for every employee to discuss results and plan next steps.

Fertifa Concierge

Making it happen

Next generation, modern fertility treatment & support for your employees to maximise their chances of success – at a transparent, all-inclusive price.

We take a holistic approach to your employees’ fertility.

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