Fertility counselling

Having a private place to go and talk freely to someone that you can trust.

Fertility treatment can be an emotional rollercoaster so getting support from people who can relate to what you’re going through is very important.

All our treatment packages include counselling as standard.

Licensed clinics must offer counselling

Fertility treatment is complex and can have a significant impact on patient wellbeing. Any clinic regulated by the HFEA must therefore be able to provide counselling services.

“Counsellors are trained to help others cope with emotional and social issues which can affect people of all ages.

You may be suffering from anxiety or depression, have relationship problems, low self-esteem, have been bereaved or be dealing with other difficult events. Counselling provides you with a chance to talk about your feelings and experiences in a safe place with someone who will listen to and support you.

Your counsellor will seek to understand, not judge and will work with you to make sense of your situation and make changes that improve your life.”

Counselling for infertility

Accredited counsellors belonging to The British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) are trained to provide counselling to our patients.

“Infertility is known to be one of the most distressing experiences for anyone who expected to plan a family.

It is often a shock, threatening hopes and dreams of how they imagined the future. If this is happening to you, you may be surprised at hard it is to cope with your emotions and with being surrounded by other people’s babies and families.

Relatives, friends and colleagues may not be very understanding or realise how much grief you are feeling. Not everyone will appreciate that a miscarriage is a bereavement or that undergoing fertility treatments is stressful, offering hope and anxiety in equal measure.

You may have discovered that you need to think of alternative ways to create your family – through donation of sperm, eggs or embryos.

Surrogacy or adoption may have been suggested. The loss of having a child that is genetically related to you or your partner or not being able to give birth to your child can be an enormous loss.

In recognition of how complex these situations can be for people emotionally and socially, most clinics will encourage you to see their counsellor in order to explore the meaning of this option for you and to understand the implications for the future.”

Counselling with Fertifa

We’ve partnered with Anthony Ryb – Senior BICA accredited counsellor – to provide our patients with fertility counselling. 

Anthony is a specialist fertility counsellor and has been providing support since 2001. He works with many clinics and patients around the world helping make sense of all aspects of any fertility treatment you may be considering, having or coming out of.

In addition to Fertility counselling, Anthony’s focus over the past two decades has been on loss, grief and trauma which is called on when needed due to in/fertility concerns, miscarriage and pregnancy loss and sadly any other loss that can cause great uncertainty, worry, guilt and other emotions.

Anthony is able to help untangle thoughts and create a safe space for you to explore all elements of your fertility treatment including IVF, IUI, using or being a donor, using or being a surrogate and sperm/egg freezing or sharing. Also if you have experienced pregnancy loss and are nervous about falling pregnant he can work through these concerns with you.

Be in touch whatever stage you are at or whatever the reason you feel it may be helpful, Anthony will be available to listen and support you.

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