Hypnotherapy for fertility

Getting into the right mindset to support your fertility journey

Infertility is a highly emotional, unpredictable experience for 1 in 6 couples.

Trying to fall pregnancy can quickly move from a fun project to an emotionally intense and overwhelming medical undertaking.

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Getting you mentally prepared

We’ve partnered with Jo Simons – a fertility hypnotherapist – to provide hypnotherapy for our patients. Find out about her story here. 

“Have you considered that your mind may be hindering your ability to be in the right place mentally to fall pregnant?

I spent years trying to conceive and yes it was a very tough time in my relationship.

All my gremlins of not feeling good enough, my long-standing blood and needle phobia, general jealousy and feelings of being out of control came to the forefront.

After falling pregnant and having my daughter, who is now 16, I was so amazed with the power of alternative therapies that I decided to retrain so I could help others on their own fertility journey.

Having been through IUI and IVF procedures myself, I can relate to some of the challenges my clients might be having and can help support them.  

Most people, even your close family who haven’t been through this, cant possibly understand the emotional distress you are going through.”

The benefits of hypnotherapy

A toolkit to get you through any fertility challenges you may be facing.

What will a session be like?

Professional hypnosis is nothing like ‘stage’ hypnosis – it’s safe and nothing to be afraid of.

The session will have you feeling like you are in a dreamlike state. You will remain aware of what is happening and won’t do or say anything against your will.  

You will be able to stop at any time you wish and most people find it a calming experience.

When you are in a relaxing, trance state your brain produces endorphins which helps restore hormone balance, regulate the nervous system and promote a healthy immune system.

By talking to your unconscious mind in this state, using visualisation and suggestions, we can help to change any unhelpful ways of feeling, thinking or behaving. 

Will it make a difference?

There are no guarantees as we all react differently. However, research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of mind and body techniques when used alongside IVF.

Alice Domar undertook a study on 100 women starting IVF treatment. She found on a second round of IVF treatment that those who had a series of wellbeing/mind sessions had a significantly higher pregnancy rate. 52% compared to 20% of the control group.  

Read more about this here.

Dr Peter Quinn undertook a study with a group of women who had had durations of infertility between 2-12 years.  After a course of hypnotherapy, 65% of the women went on to have a successful full-term pregnancy (Dr. P Quinn and M Pawson (1994), Psychosomatic Infertility, European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Vol.4).

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