Wellbeing and holistic services

We take a holistic approach to your fertility treatment and support.

Complementary fertility therapies and services

All services offered aim to reduce stress, increase chance of conception and support your fertility journey.

We offer a variety of services that complement your fertility journey. Speak to us today to find out more.

You can find out more about the companies and individuals that we work with on our partnerships page. 

Where possible, we work with individuals that are able to service the entire country – usually through the use of video and phone calls. Where location plays a part (e.g. reflexology and acupuncture), we work with accredited bodies to provide the services to our patients.

Fertility counselling

“Seeking to understand, not judge, to support you in making sense of the situation”

Fertility coaching

“An advocate for your fertility journey – work together to keep you on track”

Nutritional therapy

“A good pre-conception diet is needed to produce optimal quality eggs and sperm”


“Increase blood flow to your reproductive organs and balance the endocrine system” 


“Manipulate the pressure points in feet to unblock the energy pathways and ease stress”


“Access a mental state that gives you power to reduce stress and create a positive mind-set”

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