Meet the Fertifa family: Our Medical Director, Dr Gidon Lieberman

April 25, 2023
Lizzie Hayes

A leading consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist, Gidon has over 25 years of experience in reproductive health and 15 years as a consultant in gynaecology, menopause, and fertility.  His areas of expertise include menopause, fibroids, myomectomy, infertility, ultrasound and hysterectomy.  

In 2003, Gidon became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, before earning his CCT in Obstetrics Gynaecology from the General Medical Council the following year. Since completing his CCT in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery in 2007, Gidon has provided private consultation in gynaecology, fertility and menopause at his practice in London.

During this time, Gidon has also spent 7 years as CEO of Manchester Fertility Services, and worked part time at IVI London, the UKs first IVI clinic, before joining the Fertifa family in March 2021.  

Alongside Fertifa, Gidon is a fertility and gynaecology consultant at Whittington Health and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL. On Thursday mornings, during weekly “Sunrise” teachings, Gidon also educates the Fertifa team about a topic within reproductive medicine.  

Q&A with Dr. Gidon

Q: What is your role as Medical Director?

A: “So what do I do? I kind of oversee everything. I do the planning, some of the strategy for what the medical team are going to do.  I am often looking at new horizons, making sure that the governance, the processes of what we do is all correct.

But one of the things I like doing the most in the company is talking about medicine, talking about reproductive healthcare – which we do a lot!”  

Q: So who’s in the clinical team and what are their roles?

A: “So the clinical team has doctors, two nurses and advisors. The advisors are the first port of call, they coordinate investigations, they coordinate appointments and they’re also the first port of call for reimbursements.

The doctors and nurses? We advise clients and we do a lot of education within the clinical team and within the company. But I think the most important thing is that everyone in the clinical team, we all work together quite closely, and it’s the unit of all of us that actually creates the magic for Fertifa.”

Q: So Gidon, what do you think people think of when they hear the term “menopause?”

A: “So menopause means different things to different people. To a doctor, menopause is when a woman hasn’t had her period in over a year and over the age of 47.

As for members of the public, to some people it means a loss of fertility, other people it means symptoms that they might expect such as hot flushes and night sweats. Some people think about their mothers and their grandmothers! But it’s the perimenopause that I think most people think about, which is the time when women start getting symptoms of the menopause."