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There are so many paths to parenthood. And we cover all family-forming journeys. From adoption to surrogacy, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do

How we helped Samantha and her partner through their fertility challenges

Meet Samantha, one of our first ever Fertifa patients and mum to twins Millie and Mia. After having been diagnosed with endometriosis and trying for [over a year] to have a baby, Samantha found Fertifa through her employer. Here’s her story.​
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We understand your journey

Family-forming isn't one size fits all. And the path to parenthood isn't always straightforward.


Of fertility treatments in the UK are same-sex couples looking to start their families


Of LGBTQIA+ couples are starting families. But paths to parenthood like surrogacy and adoption are excluded from employer benefits.​


Growth in UK and international surrogacy over the last 12 years.

We support you across every step of your journey

Fertility treatment can equate to the cost of a deposit on a house. Employer-funded fertility support improves financial wellbeing and reduces the stress of how to afford treatment.​
​What’s the alternative?​

Private clinics can charge upwards of £8,000 for a single cycle of IVF – which may/not include costs of medication. The government’s funding for NHS fertility treatment is constrained (and not inclusive of all demographics) and most private medical insurers do not cover fertility treatment.

Fertility journeys of any kind can be physically draining and very demanding. Whether it's understanding the law around surrogacy or going to countless appointments for IVF, the worrying and the trying to figure out complicated terms and difficult parts of the process.​
We’ve been there.

Hours on Google looking at family-forming options, days of injecting hormones, weeks spent running back and forth between the office and home and fertility clinics. All of these factors place a huge physical burden on employees, all whilst compounding the issue of ‘presenteeism’.

No one prepares you for reproductive health challenges and every fertility journey is uniquely stressful.

People can feel overwhelmed, guilty and isolated. These feelings are exacerbated with conflicting work demands and a lack of support within the workplace.​

We are an advocate for every individual who wants to take control of their reproductive health.​

Every employee has a dedicated Care Advisor who will guide and mentor them, supporting them physically, emotionally and mentally to encourage the best and most deserved outcome. ​

Because everyone’s story is different.