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A reproductive health app that connects your people, to our world class clinical team. We help businesses to offer personalised support, benefits and financing for fertility, family-forming, men’s health and menopause.
Looking for personalised support for your team?


Care and treatment for conception, baby loss and fertility preservation


Clinical advice and treatment for perimenopause and menopause


Assistance with alternative paths to parenthood

Men’s Health

Specialist help for the most sensitive health challenges

Why does your team need this support?

1 in 6
Couples experience
fertility challenges
Will feel depressed


Consider leaving their
jobs due to symptoms


Do not tell their employer
about their struggles
Of fertility issues between
heterosexual couples are
due to male factors
Men have no
sperm (azoospermia)

Men’s Health

Surrogacy has risen
by 350% over the
past 12 years


UK adoptions are by
same-sex couples

Why Fertifa?

Fertifa was founded out of personal experiences with fertility, menopause and men’s reproductive health and we understand what impact this can have on workplace performance and productivity. Our team of in-house doctors, nurses, advisors and HR experts will provide expert, personalised support so that employees can flourish in the workplace.

We work with companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industry sectors. Our services can be tailored to your budget, demographics and corporate objectives.

What’s in it for employers?

Fertifa’s services can enable employers to…
Improve employee wellbeing

Reproductive health challenges can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing, with 90% of those affected also experiencing mental health challenges.

Boost employee motivation and productivity

Having the right support in place from an employer, can drastically improve the decreased motivation and productivity which comes as a result of the low mood experienced by people facing fertility, menopause and reproductive health challenges.

Gain significant ROI

Our solutions provide significant financial benefits to your company — including savings made via employee retention and productivity.

Promote diversity, equality & inclusion

Most LGBTQ+ people will require some form of support to start a family - through donor conception, adoption or surrogacy. Single people looking to preserve their fertility have the option to freeze their eggs, sperm or embryos. Our fertility benefits take account of all possible circumstances.

Attract and retain top talent

In today’s competitive employment market, offering more flexible, creative and socially responsible company benefits can be a real differentiator. In Willis Towers Watson’s 2019 survey, 33% of all UK millennials said that they feel companies should offer fertility benefits.

Be a family-friendly employer

Companies with inclusive, flexible family-friendly policies showcase a better corporate brand to the outside world, making the business a great place to work and encouraging employee loyalty.

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About Fertifa

We are a purpose-led team of fertility specialists, employee benefits experts and HR consultants.

Many of us have experienced fertility, reproductive health or menopause challenges first-hand – and this is why we passionately understand the need for comprehensive and fully inclusive reproductive health support in the workplace. We draw on our personal and professional experiences to make sure no one – regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status – should have to go through their journey in silence.

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