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An innovative employer benefit solution making fertility care more accessible and affordable

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We are the UK's leading reproductive healthcare benefits provider

The highlights

Employee wellbeing

Challenges with fertility and reproductive health have a striking impact on employee wellbeing - both financially and mentally.

Significant ROI

Our solutions provide significant financial benefits to your company - including savings made via employee retention and productivity.

Fertility planning

Those considering parenthood in the future have the option to freeze their eggs, sperm or embryos.

Diversity & inclusion

Every LGBT+ employee requires support and guidance to start a family - either through donor conception, adoption or surrogacy.

Productivity & engagement

We reduce clinic visits by up to 4 times per treatment cycle. Our solutions engage your employees and provide digital support - accessible anywhere.

Tailored solutions

We can design a reproductive healthcare solution that is right for your company, based on your budget, demographics and corporate objectives.

Fertifa for employers...

An innovative employer benefit that integrates into each layer of wellbeing whilst breaking the fertility taboo.

We work with employers to offer a valuable employee benefit which bridges the gap between an employer and their employees when dealing with the sensitivity and privacy of employees’ reproductive issues.

Fertifa for individuals...

A new generation of fertility clinic powered by clinical excellence, holistic care and digital technology.

We’re your one-stop fertility companion offering guidance and advice, next-generation fertility treatment and access to a range of holistic services for the best chance of success. 

We aim to empower your reproductive healthcare experience.

The highlights

Excellent success rates

We have third-party agreements in place with HFEA regulated clinics across the UK, with clinical success rates up to 15% - 25% higher than the UK average.

Clinical excellence

Dr Gedis Grudzinskas - our medical director - has over 30 years of experience in the fertility industry.

Care & support - 7 days a week

Access to a dedicated Fertility Advocate to support and guide you through every step of your fertility journey – always a tap away.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs. All broken down into one, easy to understand quote.

Digital innovation

Your care is powered by digital innovation – access your bespoke fertility journey, personalised education and message us at any time via your personalised portal.

A holistic approach

You are entitled to a free fertility coaching session and access to a wealth of wellbeing services to maximise your chances of success.

Every fertility journey is unique

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