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We help employers offer support, clinical advice, financing and benefits for fertility, family forming, sexual and hormonal health, menopause and men’s reproductive health

One cover for everyone

Everyone’s reproductive health journey is unique, so we make sure that you’re supported from start to finish and beyond.

Fertifa for employers

Here’s what our services and benefits can do for you
Improve employee wellbeing
90% of those affected by reproductive health concerns also experience mental health challenges.​
Boost employee motivation
Having the right support in place can drastically improve motivation and productivity.​
Gain significant ROI
There can be significant financial benefits – including savings made through employee retention and boosted productivity as well as fewer medical claims. ​
Promote diversity, equality & inclusion
Our benefits take into account all possible circumstances for different reproductive journeys. We’re fully accessible and inclusive of everyone.​
Attract and retain top talent
In a 2019 survey 33% of all UK millennials said companies should offer fertility benefits.
Be a family-friendly employer
Flexible family-friendly policies show people that you actually care about your employees’ whole lives and that you’re a great company for which to work.​

We’re making reproductive healthcare accessible, to everyone​

Working with companies of all shapes, sizes and industry sectors, our team will provide expert and personalised support so that your employees can flourish in the workplace
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Why your team needs our care and expertise

1 in 6

Couples experience fertility challenges.


Of those will experience symptoms of depression.


Consider leaving their jobs due to symptoms


Do not tell their employer about their struggles


Surrogacy has risen by 350% over the past 12 years


UK adoptions are by same-sex couples


Of fertility issues between heterosexual couples are due to male factors


1 in 8 men in the UK will get prostate cancer


Attendance at sexual health services has risen by 15% in five years


Overall STI rates up by 5% in 2020, compared to 2019

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We’re aiming to make fertility care more accessible, inclusive and affordable for everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.
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