Menopause care, until we're no longer needed.

Menopause is something so many of us will go through. It's time to talk about it openly and break down those barriers. Through our in-house clinical team, we support your employees with ongoing care throughout their menopause and perimenopause journeys.

menopause Support

How we support our Menopause patients


Our patients will have access to educational resources, created and curated by medical experts on the most asked-about menopause topics.


Through the Fertifa app, patients will have access to video consultations and appointments with our in-house clinical team, from anywhere in the world.


We provide patients with treatment for menopause symptoms, including Hormone Replacement Therapy, delivered straight to their door.

What the Menopause patient journey can look like

No two people will experience menopause in the same way. Through our personalised expert support, we provide our patients with the right care at the right time.


Book an initial consultation

30-min consultation with one of our menopause nurses or doctors to discuss possible treatment options and prescribe any necessary medication to help ease  menopause symptoms.


Start your treatment

If, for example, HRT is best for you, our doctors will write you a prescription and ensure it is delivered directly to your door, taking the hassle out of appointments and long waiting times.


Submit your claims

If your company offers financing as part of your benefits package, you can upload your invoices and receipts from any additional appointments, testing, or treatment, via the Fertifa app. You will be reimbursed through your monthly payroll.

after care

Follow-up every 3 months

Whether you've just started a medication or you've embarked on lifestyle changes, we're there every step of the way, until you no longer need us. We'll schedule in follow-up consultations as often or as little as you need.

The facts

Why workplace Menopause support is crucial to creating an inclusive workplace

Nearly 1 in 4

individuals will experience severe menopause symptoms. These can last for an average of 7 years.

Almost 50% of women

consider leaving work because of the impact menopause symptoms have on their working lives.

our expertise

Why we’re industry leading

Inclusive & Accessible

We are proud to provide support and clinical care to everyone, regardless of their biological sex, gender identity, relationship status, age, race, or location.

Safe & Trustworthy

Our in-house clinical team of doctors and nurses uphold an excellent medical standard, with a best-in-class team. We provide confidential, expert support.

Experts in our field

We're proud to say that we are looking after over 100,000 employees across the world and we have processed more than £2,500,000 in reimbursements for testing and treatment.

Book a video consultation with our in-house specialists, from anywhere in the world

Patients get on-demand access to our clinical team, who are there to support them through all reproductive health challenges, until they no longer need us. Through the Fertifa app, patients will get access to personalised clinical support via in-app messaging and video consultations.

Stress-free claims management and in-app reimbursements

Stress-free claims management, so that HR teams can offer the support that's best for your employees. We handle all claims management and employee reimbursements for their testing and treatment, using our in-app tools.

Access our educational resources, created and curated by our in-house experts

Browse articles, attend webinars, and join live Q&A sessions that cover the most common and complicated areas in reproductive health. Employees will have access to a suite of clinically-validated, trusted resources that are accessible on-demand via the Fertifa App.

Supporting our patients, every step of the way

Menopause challenges can have a significant impact on every part of someone's life. This is especially so in the absence of workplace support.

the impact

1 in 4 individuals will experience severe menopause symptoms

These can last an average of 7 years, and sometimes up to 15 years. The most common symptoms of menopause are hot flushes, anxiety, changes in mood, and difficulty sleeping. These symptoms can have a significant impact on an individual's working life, especially for the 1 in 4 whose symptoms are severe.
the impact

42% of menopausal people consider leaving work

Individuals experiencing menopausal symptoms are under pressure to quit their jobs because they are not getting the support they need. This is despite the fact that most people are at the peak of their careers when they start experiencing these symptoms.
the impact

26% of people found it difficult to access menopause support tailored to their needs

41% of GPs do not have mandatory menopause training, and with the average waiting time being 18 weeks for an appointment through the NHS, we need to give employees struggling through menopause a better option.


Fertifa Patient

"I'm grateful for Fertifa, they gave me back the control I thought menopause had taken away."

Built for your business, we empower employees and drive company performance

Industry-leading health outcomes

Our clinically-led support drives industry-leading outcomes. We promote health and wellbeing, at work and beyond.

Attract and retain top talent

Menopause benefits are becoming a necessity to attract and retain top talent. It's no longer just a 'nice to have'.

Build an inclusive workplace

Offering your employees menopause support ensures that you are building a workplace that is inclusive to all people, at all ages.

See how our benefits adapt:

For Enterprise

We offer diagnosis and treatment, clinical advice, educational support, financing, and ongoing healthcare for employers.

For Individuals

If your employer is not a Fertifa partner, we can still support you. We provide our patients with the right care, at the right time.


Meet our Menopause specialists

Our Menopause programme has been built by Dr Gidon Lieberman and Brenda Muchapondwa, who together have over 60 years' of experience working in reproductive medicine.

Our in-house menopause specialists are credited members of the British Menopause Society and have years of experience treating and supporting individuals through menopause and perimenopause. They help our patients with:

- Navigating the perimenopause and menopause journey
- In-depth advice on menopause treatments, both hormonal and lifestyle
- Managing menopause symptoms
- Prescriptions, including for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Meet the team
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Thousands of employees, in over 25 countries.

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