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A guide to male infertility: Understanding the causes, treatment and what to do to improve your fertility

November 10, 2022
Fertifa Clinical Team

Fertility issues can impact anyone, no matter how much we may try to ignore them or pretend something is nothing. Although studies have shown that 40% of people assigned male at birth have never thought about testing their fertility, 25% of infertility challenges are found to be because of male factors. This could be due to a low sperm count, low sperm motility or poor morphology of the sperm itself.

Whether you're in a couple looking to have a baby or you're looking to go down the road of solo parenting, checking your fertility is very important

We know that it can feel overwhelming and it's difficult to know where to start, so we've put together a guide that covers the most crucial (and often confusing!) topics you need to know about. It's been written by our in-house clinical team of doctors and nurses, who have over 40 years of combined experience working in reproductive health. They've worked with the most complex fertility challenges, in some of the UK's leading fertility clinics.

In this guide, we'll answer the questions our doctors and nurses get asked the most about male fertility:

Around 3.5 million people across the UK will struggle with their fertility (and 17.5% of people worldwide), and yet there's still a huge barrier when it comes to having open conversations about it. It's time to remove the stigma around men’s reproductive health and normalise taking care of ourselves in the best way possible.

Fertifa is a helping hand for people experiencing all kinds of reproductive health concerns. ​If you'd like to book in a call to discuss how we can provide men's health benefits for you and your team at work, get in touch here. We'd love to speak 💜

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