Meet Marion and read about her Menopause journey with Fertifa

We first met Marion around 9 months ago. She is in her late 40s and working for a law firm in London, and came to us when she started noticing an increase in anxiety over a few months. We've changed Marion's name and hidden her employer details for patient anonymity.

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Finding Fertifa

Based on real stories but names have been changed. We first met Marion around 9 months ago. She is in her late 40s and working for a law firm in London, and came to us when she started noticing an increase in anxiety over a few months.

She no longer felt the same sense of confidence in her work, she was forgetting about meetings and felt unable to handle the same pace of work she used to .The legal world is a hard-working and fast-paced environment, and Marion was worried this lapse was becoming apparent to her colleagues. She thought she might be having a sort of mid-life crisis at first, but when she started having a few hot flushes and found her sleep deteriorating, she began to think that her symptoms might be menopause related.

She found herself in search of a solution to regain control of her wellbeing. Having heard about Fertifa's menopause cover through her work, Marion decided to explore the possibility of Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) to alleviate her menopausal symptoms. She did some digging and found some information about HRT online, but as we know, the internet can be full of so much misinformation.

Her journey began with an online consultation with one of our amazing Nurse Practitioners, Sana. After Marion described her symptoms and what she was going through, Sana suggested she have a consultation with one of our in-house doctors who specialise in the menopause.

"The convenience of the online consultation was a game-changer for me. I work from home two days a week, so I was able to do this in my own home which made a big difference to the conversation."
– Marion

Marion's journey

 Her Fertifa consultant, Dr. Jane Ding, took the time to understand Marion's specific symptoms and concerns. Several treatment options were discussed during the call, but Marion was most interested in HRT. The prescribed HRT plan was tailored to address her individual needs, providing a sense of reassurance through the personalised care.


"Fertifa made me feel seen and heard. They didn't just treat my symptoms; they cared about how I was feeling throughout the process."
 – Marion


Dr. Ding ordered her prescription online straight after the consultation, and Marion received her medication discreetly and directly to her doorstep. The comprehensive support from Fertifa extended beyond the prescription for HRT, with ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure she felt the best she could, and that the medication was meeting Marion's needs. We know that patient care doesn’t only happen within a consultation. At Fertifa, we’re here for all those questions you forgot to ask, new symptoms that come up, and anything else you want to chat about. Your dedicated NursePractitioner is with you at every stage, ready to assist with anything you might need and beyond.

Where are we now

Fertifa's approach to menopause and women's health significantly improved her quality of life during this difficult phase of life. One in four people who go through the menopause will experience severe symptoms – this is something we can’t ignore, and it’s great that Marion’s company cover menopause support through Fertifa. The convenience, personalisation, and genuine care she experienced with our amazing Fertifa clinical team made all the difference in her menopausal journey. At present,Marion is meeting with Dr. Ding once every 3 months to monitor her symptoms and how she is feeling with her medication.

"I'm grateful for Fertifa; they gave me back the control I thought menopause had taken away."
– Marion