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A guide for HR managers: How to support someone through fertility challenges.

In this guide we will share actionable ways to support someone through fertility challenges.

According to the World Health Organisation, 1 in 6 people globally will experience infertility in their lifetime. Fertility challenges are far more common than you might think; anyone of any age, biological sex, gender, background or relationship status can be affected by fertility.

If someone on your team opens up to you about their fertility journey, it's important you know how to support them. You don't need to be a fertility expert to be a supportive manager, but making sure you understand what your team member is going through and listening to them and their situation can be a valuable way to be supportive whilst still respecting boundaries.

In this guide we will share:

  • Some key fertility facts and figures
  • How to support someone on your team faced with fertility challenges
  • What to say, and what to avoid


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