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A guide for HR managers: Understanding fertility challenges in the workplace

We know fertility challenges can be difficult to understand, especially if you've not been through them yourself or know someone who has. In this guide, we'll cover what fertility challenges look like in the workplace to help HR teams and managers best understand their impact.

Fertility challenges can refer to lots of things, from difficulty getting pregnant, experiencing miscarriage or pregnancy loss, using assisted reproductive technology (like IVF), or managing infertility. It can feel like a complex topic to broach in the workplace, yet, fertility challenges can have a profound impact on working lives, and this impact is especially seen in the absence of workplace support.

We will cover:

  • Key fertility facts and figures
  • Fertility treatment terminology and what it all means
  • The impact fertility challenges can have on an employee's wellbeing
  • How to support someone you manage through fertility treatment or challenges


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