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An HR Guide to Menopause support: How to support a colleague through menopause

This guide will help HR managers understand what menopause is, including the symptoms and how they can affect people, and offers some advice on how to support your employees through menopause.

1 in 4 women who visit the GP with symptoms say they were not asked about menopause. As the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, more women than ever before will go through menopause, or experience menopausal symptoms, at work. Despite often being at the peak of their careers, our studies have shown that half of menopausal women have decreased job satisfaction and a staggering 42% consider leaving work altogether.

In this guide, we'll explain:

  • The different stages and symptoms of menopause
  • How it can impact people's lives
  • The changes we can make to better support women and break the taboo in the workplace


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