The impact of male fertility challenges on mental health

40% of all fertility issues are male factor related. And yet, there is a lack of support for men experiencing infertility.

November 9, 2023


Gidon Lieberman
Fertifa Medical Director
Eileen Burbidge
Fertifa Executive Director

We know firsthand how fertility challenges can be debilitating and career-impacting, no matter someone’s gender or fertility history. For men, there is less support offered, especially for one’s mental health.

Our goal is to break down the stigma against talking about men’s mental health and bring awareness to male fertility challenges and corresponding support. We want to support men in every way that we can and give them the resources to help understand and work through any challenges.

Together with Gidon Lieberman (Medical Director at Fertifa), Eileen Burbidge (Executive Director of Fertifa) will discuss the impact of male fertility challenges on mental health and ways you can find support for yourself, your partner, and colleagues.

We'll discuss:

  • The physical and emotional impact of male fertility challenges
  • The best ways and resources for male mental health support
  • Ways you can add fertility mental health support to your workplace

There will be lots of time for Q&A afterwards, some come with any and all questions you have. So join us on Thursday 9th November at 1pm (GMT).

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