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A manager's guide to fertility challenges

This guide aims to help managers better understand fertility challenges and the emotional and physical impact these challenges can have on our work lives. We also share actionable ways to support someone through fertility challenges.
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Building a business case for fertility benefits

For many employers, understanding the impact of reproductive health on their workforce – let alone implementing a suitable benefit programme to meet their workforce needs – can feel like a big task. Here's the business case for fertility benefits.
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Building a business case for menopause support and benefits

In this guide, we will explain impact offering menopause benefits can have on employee wellbeing, and the significant return of investment you can expect to see for your company. We will also cover the types of support available to you and your team.
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A manager's guide to understanding the menopause

In this guide, we'll explain the different stages and symptoms of menopause, how it can impact peoples’ lives, and the changes we can make to better support women and break the taboo in the workplace and beyond. ​
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A manager's guide to men's health challenges

This guide will aim to give managers a thorough understanding of the most common men's reproductive health challenges and the impact they can have on men, at work and beyond. We've also included some concrete ways you can support people in your team through health challenges.
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Tailor your plan to suit your company.

We help businesses to offer support and financing for fertility, family forming, menopause care, men’s health and sexual health.
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Transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees for claimants.
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Open and honest terms with a clear map of your policy with us.
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